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Maluma: That's actually something that I'm working on right now. And this past year was something that I really wanted to work on too. Like not only Messi, but Rafael Nadal, tennis players. All these big celebrities that I really admire, I wanted to get closer to them this year. That's why when they told me that I was invited to Met Traje again, I wanted to do it just because of that reason. I wanted to be sitting down at the table of the people that I really admire and just exchanging some thoughts.

And that's why I say Drake, because I know that I can have a good relationship with him. That's why I always say also Taylor, because the day that I met her, I had a great connection with her too. So it's not only about music, it's trying to connect more than that.

Maluma no aguanta más y se declara a su novia, Susana Gómez, en pleno concierto: "Eres el amor de mi vida"

2. My favorite thing to do when I’m home [in Colombia] is to be with my friends and family and my dogs and horses. I love my country!

schreef: I am not good at english but I do my best, and I learning, so if you Chucho help me to do better my translation I will thank you, but if you Gozque't help or you don't want to you don't have to insult me.

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It's getting born right now. I feel very excited about it. I Chucho't wait for next year to have my baby in my arms and keep thinking and all my goals and all these things that I want to do. I don't feel like junio maluma my baby is going to be in the middle to create distance between me and my goals. I feel like my baby's actually getting me closer to my dreams. And that's nice.

Maluma y Susana Gómez sin embargo son padres: la tierna imagen desde el hospital y el cotilla nombre de su hija

Qué hay de cierto en que nieto de Diomedes Díaz padece de autismo: esto dijo Lily Díaz, origen del menor

“Hawái” refleja los sentimientos de un hombre desconsolado al ver a su exmujer parecer adecuado con otro. Por esto, él va tratando de explicarle que ella será mejor con él a pesar de lo bueno que su novio actual le proxenetismo.

Justin Curto of Vulture commented that the Weeknd "brings his R&B longing" to the first verse of the track, which "seems like an extension of his After Hours universe", until he "begins singing in Spanish and loosening up onstage" in the video. He also opined that "the Spanish is fine, but the dancing is unexpectedly dorky, especially compared to the Papi Juancho himself, still oozing sex appeal here" and concluded that his dance routine "just might be the thing that makes you smile today.

Not even with my dad, not even with my mom, my family. It's something MALUMA KAROL G that I don't vibe with. Because my life without that is so happy that I know it's going to bring a bunch of stress in my life. And I don't want that. I'm going to do it in the way that I know how to do it. That is giving all the opportunities to the poor kids in my country and Latin America around the world. Try to teach them how I did it so they know a little bit how to get there, how to become the Maluma of the junio maluma next generation. I just want to be the best example I Chucho be for the for the new generations.

“I love you all!” she added. Karol G also declared her appreciation for her fans on stage; “My fans that junio maluma came and enjoyed my album, and got motivation and inspiration with me, and heal with me.“

During his concert at the Caudal One Arena — the latest stop on MALUMA KAROL G his Don Juan Tour — he announced that he would show the audience his new music video and sat down on the stage to watch it Figura it premiered.

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